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FREE Candy Hearts Letter MAZE: V is for Valentine! HANDOUT

Hi everyone! Happy Valentine's Day weekend! To help keep the little ones busy, I created this free and fun letter maze - can you help the bears find their Valentine's Day treats? Trace the path of the letter V! V is for Valentine's Day!

This nutrition therapy handout is great for all kids, and can be used for picky eaters who are working on hierarchy of feeding goals.

This handout builds tolerance to the thought of a physical presence and sight of a food that has hard texture and different colors. This is important for moving up the hierarchy of feeding.

This handout also establishes that candy is a food. Not a “good” food or a “bad” food, just a food. This is important for building healthy relationships with food.

In addition, this handout addresses cognitive (letter recognition/reading) and fine motor (writing/tracing) skills.

Enjoy! Please let me know how this handout worked for you by commenting below or on my social media posts (IG/Facebook/Twitter).

FTSN Valentine's Day Candy Letter V Maze
Download • 901KB

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